Who is Vander in League of Legends? (Warwick)

Arcana has featured many fan-favorite League of Legends champions while also showcasing their series-original characters. One of the most well-loved figures is Vander’s bartender of the Last Drop in the Lanes. The adoptive father of Vi and Powder (Jinx) has been the center of many speculations regarding another League champion. So who is Vander in League of Legends?

A respected bartender and Zaunite, League of Legends Vander is one of the most well-known figures in the Undercity, who many see as the de facto leader of the impoverished area. He is also known as the Hound of the Undercity due to his role in protecting Zaun, which would later reinforce many speculations about his background. Vander was also the leader and a frontliner during one of the Undercity’s many uprisings against Piltover. 

After his failed rebellion, Vander chose to live a more peaceful life when he adopted the orphaned Vi and Powder(Jinx). The two girls lost their parents in the movement he led, which made him more protective and passive in issues between Piltover and Zaun. He would later adopt two more orphaned children, Mylo and Claggor. 

Who is League of Legends Vander Connected To in Arcane?

While Vander only appeared in the early episodes of the series, he was able to make many meaningful relationships with several characters and indirect connections with the people around him. His bond with Vi and Jinx is the most highlighted interaction he has with any character in the series. In addition, he is well-acquainted with a young Ekko, the ward of his close friend Benzo. 

Vander is also connected to Silco, who is his adoptive brother. The feud between the two is one of the main conflicts in the series’ first three episodes. He is also possibly connected to Singed since many alleged that the Zaunite Scientist took the bartender’s body and experimented with it.

He has indirect connections with Jayce. At the start of the series, Vi and Powder execute a heist on a living space occupied by the young inventor. The disastrous result of this crime led to Vander taking Vi’s place as the transgressor and eventually being captured by SIlco. 

Why is Vander So Popular Among Fans?

Vander is one of the many fan favorites in the Arcane series. His fatherly figure and badass attitude make him very popular, especially among League fans. He is likable and prominent enough to make a lasting impression among fans. However, rumors about his eventual faith make him even more popular.

League of Legends Vander (Warwick)

The main speculation about Vander is that he is Warwick before being monsterized. Many signs would reinforce this belief. In Episode 3, Vander injects himself with Shimmer to augment his weakened and injured body to protect Vi. The form he took after using the drug has the same posture as that of Warwick. 

Singed is also attributed to the creation of Warwick. The mad scientist has a knack for experimenting and researching bodies that he obtains through various means. Many believe that Singed turned Vander into the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun. This is possible since the Zaunite scientist had access to Vander’s body after using Shimmer. This is further reinforced by a later scene in the series where an experimented body is suspended in mid-air in the Mad Chemist’s lab. This body is eerily similar to Vander. 

Another piece of evidence that supports the fans’ belief is Vander’s moniker. The Zaunite bartender is known as the Hound of the Undercity due to his actions of protecting and policing Zaun. This title seems to set him up as Warwick since the Uncaged Wrath is believed to be a werewolf. In addition, Warwick’s background story refers to him as a gangster who put down the blade and took a new name to start a better life. This story is similar to Vander leaving his violent past behind to take care of Vi and Powder. 

Warwick’s Interaction with Various Characters

Champions in League of Legends have special dialogues ready when encountering specific characters. Warwick has many notable lines that would be possible if he was Vander. One of the Uncaged Wrath’s dialogues to Vi is, “Who taught you how to punch?” Many fans took this as a sign that Warwick still has a memory of him teaching Vi how to fight with her fist. 

One particular line to Jinx made fans speculate further about Warwick’s past. In his dialogue, he says, “You were there…” to the Loose Cannon. This might refer to the instance at the warehouse where Jinx’s explosion caused many people’s deaths, resulting in Vander using Shimmer. 

When Will Fans Learn Vander’s Fate?

As of the moment, Vanders’ fate is still presumed dead due to the events of the third episode. Since no confirmation or leaks confirm him as Warwick, fans will have to wait for the second season of Arcane. Hopefully, more light will be shed on what has become of Vander.

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