Top 10 Most Ridiculous Fan Hopes for the Nintendo Switch 2

It’s been four years since the most recent major hardware announcement from a console manufacturer, but Nintendo has promised to reveal the Nintendo Switch successor within the fiscal year. While incremental hardware variations are exciting, nothing compares to the buzz surrounding new consoles. The fantastical hopes, and the sometimes even more fantastical realities, of a new generation.

Nintendo is in a situation it has been in before: the current console generation has proven to be excessively fruitful for them. However, if history has proven anything, when Nintendo could just do the same again, they always find some way to mix things up!

As such, with that crazy creativity in mind, Nintendo fans have allowed their minds to run wild with speculation and rumors. From the reintegration of long-dead technologies to jumping into new spheres of gaming; here are Twinfinite’s favorite fan hopes for the Nintendo Switch successor.

10. Virtual/Augmented Reality Focus

Multiple people in action poses, when playign witht he Nintendo LABO VR Kit.  The LABO VR headset piece sits in the middle of the image, with a Nintendo Switch console placed within.
Image Source: Nintendo

Sony has placed an extensive focus on its PSVR line of virtual reality headsets in recent years, and that has reflected in gamers’ expectations of the other two console manufacturers. It’s no surprise that gamers want to see Nintendo put its unique creative spin on the burgeoning technology – especially considering the upcoming reveal of Nintendo’s next-generation Nintendo Switch successor and the continued success of the VR space on PC.

Nintendo has proven that it is aware and interested in virtual and augmented reality gaming, with its gimmick-like Nintendo LABO cardboard VR headset and 3DS AR cards. However, Reddit user borrowedlight wrote an extensive list detailing their support of a VR/AR future for the Nintendo Switch successor.

They explained how Nintendo’s adaptation of the VR format would define itself as something different from the headsets of its competitors. They believe a virtual reality focus from Nintendo could leverage the Nintendo Switch successor’s expected hybrid form factor to allow for a truly portable VR experience.

“The twist on this one is that it will fully support “switching” to mixed reality (i.e. mostly VR) … they can use the power of their console hardware for “go anywhere” VR style games”.

‘borrowedlight’, r/nintendo

The idea of Nintendo supporting the new virtual reality medium more readily in the coming generation is not nonsensical. However, as much as seeing VR support for Metroid Prime 4: Beyond would be dream-like, Nintendo is extremely unlikely to wholly commit to virtual reality – especially considering its conservative nature and reports of the business failings of PlayStation’s latest VR headset.

9. Power Parity with Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5

Xbox Series X PS5 Switch Logo
Image Source: Microsoft, Sony, & Nintendo

Gamers love cutting-edge graphics, and there’s nothing wrong with that! There are many times when, upon seeing Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II or God of War: Ragnarok’s 4K presentation, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were watching a live-action Hollywood blockbuster.

However, BourneEnemy01 disclosed their wish for Nintendo to forgo its low-cost, low-power philosophy. This would allow for more multiplatform titles and the more competitive hardware specifications could place them toe-to-toe with Sony and Microsoft.

“They should make it that when you dock the system it becomes a full blown next gen console on the level of [PS5] pro and when [you’re] in handheld mode it becomes equivalent of a Xbox [S]eries S level type of console. So it’s still both a handheld and a home console like we can play [GTA] 6 on this docked at home and less demanding titles on handheld”

‘BourneEnemy01’, r/nintendo

Nintendo has long forgone the pursuit of raw graphical power, with their last foray into that battle being the GameCube’s colossal defeat at the hands of the PlayStation 2. The PS2 went on to become the best-selling console of all time, even with the more powerful hardware of the Xbox and GameCube fighting against it.

The Nintendo Switch’s gangbuster sales numbers on the back of less powerful tech are in fact approaching those of the PlayStation 2 itself. As such, Nintendo would be understandably wary of positing the Nintendo Switch successor as a comparably powerful piece of hardware to the current generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

8. A Touchpad/Controller Screen on Pro Controller

A Nintendo patent showing a controller made of a screen
Image Source: Nintendo / The United States Patent and Trademark Office

While there are some notable gripes gamers have with the current Nintendo Switch Pro Controller – most notably the lack of analog triggers – many have found it to be one of the most functional and ergonomic controllers Nintendo has produced in generations.

As such, though many fans are clamoring for additional features to be added to the Nintendo Switch successor’s console hardware, Reddit user FlynnTastico2000 has flown the other way. They proclaimed how their next wishes for the Nintendo Switch successor focused more on the controller peripheral itself.

This fan is hoping to see something akin to the TouchPad introduced in the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller, or a higher resolution Dreamcast VMU screen. These functions would seemingly be built into the central body of the controller and would act as a second screen similar to that of the Wii U gamepad.

“A pro controller could have a TouchPad or mini display to simulate the 2nd screen.”

‘FlynnTastico2000’, r/nintendo

The prospects of viewing a secondary screen during gameplay, or a touchpad layer being placed on the controller, are joyous. However, both functionalities have been tested by both Sony and Nintendo themselves and have not bore fruit as they would have hoped.

As such, as creative as it would be to have a minimap or character’s health on the controller’s body, it’s not something that – on the face of it – Nintendo can be expected to present to gamers.

7. Simultaneous, Wireless Switch-to-TV Streaming

Wii U with New Super Mario Bros. U
Image Source: Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch was first revealed to gamers in 2016 and immediately blew everyone away. The concept of being able to instantaneously place the Switch system into the Dock and resume playing on your television seemed like technical wizardry.

We commented ourselves, on the showcasing of the Nintendo Switch’s hybrid nature: “Then comes the really cool part though, when the person playing clicks two small controllers into the side of the tablet-like console, picks it up, and heads outside.”

However, in the eight years since that day, the magic has worn off for some and has created a desire for even more seamless ‘switching’ of gameplay screens.

Reddit user sleepyzane relived the Wii U days by listing how they hoped the Nintendo Switch successor would be able to stream its picture to the television wirelessly. While the technology of the Wii U was definitely creative, the stagnant sales of the console are proof enough that the concept of multi-screen gaming on console was a hard sell.

“a kind of live handheld docking mode over bluetooth would be cool. so you can have it wirelessly communicating with the dock (and thus sending picture to the tv) while also giving you a second handheld screen for second screen experience”

‘sleepyzane’, r/nintendo

The concept of wireless streaming of displays has come a long way since the Wii U’s launch in 2012. However, with the success of the Nintendo Switch’s proven dock system, I see no reason for the Nintendo Switch successor to bargain with its success by implementing (albeit creative) ideas from the disastrous Wii U days.

6. A Nintendo Switch Micro

best nintendo games, switch lite
Image Source: Nintendo

With the launch of the Nintendo Switch system, Nintendo has clearly pivoted away from the segregated home console and handheld console market.

As such, we’ve found that the Nintendo Switch has enjoyed three main hardware SKUs during its lifetime. The original Nintendo Switch with an LCD screen, the more expensive OLED model with its titular OLED screen, and the discount handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite.

Reddit user Double-Seaweed7760 hopes that the creation of the Nintendo Switch successor will eventually drive down production prices of the necessary hardware. Down so low in fact, that a variation of the Nintendo Switch successor’s hardware could be created to further refine the compact nature past that of the Nintendo Switch Lite – to a ‘PSP-sized’ form factor.

“I just want a thick (it helps with ergo and you can feel it with battery, vibration motors and a fan) [PSP] sized, backwards compatible [S]witch 2 micro … I just want a maximum portability console that can play my awesome [S]witch library alongside my eventual awesome [S]witch 2 library without struggling to carry it without a bag and without bulging about to rip pockets”

‘Double-Seaweed7760’, r/nintendo

The idea of an ultra form-focused Nintendo handheld is something that I imagine is very much hoped for by many Switch fans. However, it’s unlikely we’d see such a redesign.

If one were to come about, then – similar to Nintendo’s own Game Boy Micro, which came out after the release of the DS – it would most likely come out in the next few years. Beyond that, I would expect it to be built from the existing Nintendo Switch hardware instead of that from the Nintendo Switch successor.

5. A DS-like Clamshell Design

Top 12 Nintendo DS Games That Are Worth a Fortune
Image Credit: Nintendo

For two generations of handheld consoles, Nintendo was (almost) devout in their use of a foldable, clamshell design of their DS and 3DS families of systems. With DS titles being pined for by Nintendo Switch Online fans, the return to a clamshell design would certainly be convenient in this respect.

Perhaps as one of these hopeful gamers, Reddit user Enrichus is pinning their hopes on the Nintendo Switch successor engaging with that foldable frame. Claiming Nintendo’s penchant for continual console creativity, they wish for a more radical hardware departure in the Nintendo Switch successor than some are expecting.

“Perhaps a way to pull up the screen so it can be played like a DS. Remember, this is Nintendo we’re talking about. They want the Switch successor to be able to do things the Switch can’t.”

‘Enrichus’, r/nintendo

The clamshell design of the Nintendo DS and 3DS family of systems was functional as well as creative, meaning your handheld’s screen didn’t get banged up constantly. However, the incorporation of a clamshell design necessitates the implementation of a second screen, and Nintendo has always sought to keep the price of its hardware as low as possible. As nostalgic and useful as it would be to implement that foldable design; the ramifications on the cost of the system would be astronomical.

4. A Return to the 3DS’ 3D Display

Donkey Kong, Pikachu, mario, Link, and various Animal Crossing charcaters line up behind the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.
Image Source: Nintendo

There are many aspects of Nintendo’s 3DS family of systems that have aged gracefully. The software lineup is exemplary, the form factor is intelligently designed, and the customization options of its user interface are still being requested for the Nintendo Switch systems.

Reddit user hejj clearly loves their Nintendo handhelds, and wishes to see that hardware lineage passed onto the Nintendo Switch successor. However, they wish to revisit the most reviled aspect of the 3DS systems – the 3D displays themselves. When the topic of the Nintendo Switch successor’s hardware arose, they were devout in simply stating that they hoped to see:

“A 3d display”

‘hejj’, r/nintendo

When they received cautious backlash for their brazen choice, they committed to their choice and held their ground. They stated plainly that “OP asked what I would like. I had a 3ds and I liked it”.

I am more than supportive of their love of the Nintendo 3DS – and would be really interested to see how Nintendo would tackle a 3D display with the technology of 2024 available to them. However, I just don’t see it happening in the Nintendo Switch’s successor.

While the glasses-free 3D displays of the 3DS system were unique, they floundered to find stable footing. Ultimately, the titular technology of the handhelds was cut from alternate SKUs of the product – like the understandably named 2DS line of consoles.

3. Foldable Screens to Expand Screen on Demand

The Huawei Mate Xs 2 foldable screen phone on a black background.
Image Source: Huawei Technologies Co.

Foldable screens have been available to the masses for just over half a decade now. However, it’s still a technology that just inherently feels futuristic.

The durability of such a screen could be the chief concern levied at a Nintendo Switch successor bearing one. However, the high price point of such a screen would also run directly opposed to Nintendo’s low price-point hardware model.

Although, Reddit user chaddiescakes hoped to see the modern advancements in foldable-screen technology be incorporated into the design of the Nintendo Switch’s successor.

“I really wish they would have taken advantage of the foldable screens where it would flip open into a big 13/14 inch screen to game on in HD”

‘chaddiescakes’, r/nintendo

They even presented the console manufacturer with a possible name for the hardware – that being the “Nintendo Flip”. When lambasted for their desire for a foldable screen, with other users petitioning that the device would be called the ‘Nintendo Flop’ if the system failed, they strengthened their resolve:

“But that wouldn’t happen would it? Cause it’s an amazing idea ;)”

‘chaddiescakes’, r/nintendo

And an amazing idea it is. Yet, with the aforementioned concerns regarding the degradation of the screens themselves – and the costly expenditure of placing one in every console – the Nintendo Switch successor is very unlikely to house a foldable screen.

2. Vertically Attachable Magnetic Joy-Cons

Bowser presenting a set of Nintendo Switch Joy Con controllers
Image Source: Nintendo

The Joy-Con controllers have become synonymous with the Nintendo Switch’s design and marketing ever since their reveal along with the console. However, the controllers themselves have been plagued with issues.

Reddit user zoozika channeled some previously reported rumors regarding the Nintendo Switch successor into their own hopes for the console. They wish that the Nintendo Switch successor would still retain Joy-Cons, yet they could be attached via magnets to any side of the console – even with the console screen in a ‘portrait’ format.

“if the rumors of magnetically attached JoyCons are true, I imagine we could attach them to the top and bottom and use the console in portrait orientation. That would make DS/3DS games playable without sacrificing screen real estate or using weird aspect ratio.”

‘zoozika’, r/nintendo

While the magnetic attachment of the Joy-Con controllers is up for debate, the explicit connection to the vertical orientation of the console is less expected. While the Nintendo Switch has been required to be held in such a way – such as for Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training and Super Mario Party – this has always been the exception.

1. Screen Streaming to Non-Proprietary Devices

Luigi, Mario and Toad having a conversation while playing Nintendo Switch Online
Image Source: Nintendo

Local multiplayer is going the way of the ghost. However, Nintendo is the only one of the big three console manufacturers to be consistently supporting couch co-op play. As such, it’s no surprise that Nintendo fans are hoping to see the Nintendo Switch successor lean further in on the collaborative aspect of local multiplayer.

Reddit user Cold-Drop8446 bases their hopes for the Nintendo Switch successor on previously unveiled Nintendo patents. They hope that the Switch successor will be able to stream elements of its gameplay to multiple non-proprietary screens, for use in situations such as party games.

“They have an interesting patent about using a central device to cast gameplay to one or more devices that becomes a controller, like a phone or tablet … I think it would be an interesting addition to the console as long as it’s not shoved everywhere. I think it would work really well for party games, card games, puzzles, that kind of thing. “

‘Cold-Drop8446’, r/nintendo

While the central idea of streaming Nintendo gameplay to multiple non-proprietary devices is a novel one, its functionality is another thing. The use of multiple screens to play a central game is not unheard of: the Jackbox series of games has been touting this tech for years now.

However, to base the entirety of the Nintendo Switch successor’s hardware on the idea is a little off-kilter for Nintendo, which is so precious of its gameplay experiences staying on Nintendo hardware. As such, directly incorporating an unknowable amount of devices into the fray, runs directly against Nintendo’s closed-off ecosystem.

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