Top 10 Best Palworld Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Palworld is a hectic, entertaining monster-catching game with exploration, battling, and weapons – including guns. Jumping into the Palworld game is a lot of fun, as there is plenty to do. We’ve summed up the ten best tips and tricks for Palworld beginners, so be sure to keep these in mind for your adventure.

Always Make Sure You Have Pal Spheres On Hand

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In Palworld, there are plenty of endearing and badass critters to catch and add to your team or convert into workers at your Base. While you’re out and about exploring the world, you’ll likely run into new creatures and want to catch them. However, to do so, you’ll need to have Pal Spheres in your inventory.

I have already made the mistake of forgetting to pick them up from my workbench more than once before heading out, so always double-check you have Pal Spheres when you’re planning to spend some time exploring, otherwise you may need to make a trip back to your Base to pick them up!

Level Up Your Base ASAP

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In Palworld, leveling your Base is important for completing the tutorial. However, you will also benefit from leveling your Base by unlocking new crafting recipes that you can buy for Technology Points, enabling you to craft a whole bunch of handy facilities and objects that make your day-to-day life in the game ten times easier. From Feeders to workstations, decorations, or even special Pal accessories, there are plenty of items that are restricted to Technology Points only, and these items make Palworld both more fun and interesting, so leveling your Base should always be a priority.

Get Your Pals To Do Your Hard Work For You

group of pals in palworld
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One of the most interesting (and in some cases, concerning) aspects of Palworld is that you can have your captured Pals complete day-to-day tasks on your behalf while you’re out exploring. By assigning Pals to your Base, they will take on jobs such as harvesting materials, completing pending crafts or building facilities, and growing food to harvest. This saves you valuable time for exploring and leveling your team, so you’ll want to collect enough Pals to assemble at your Base right away, which will let you benefit from this mechanic right from the beginning.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Food to Cook

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Hunger is one of the most important mechanics in Palworld. Not only will it hinder you significantly if it reaches zero, but your Pals will also grow lethargic, sick, or unable to work if they remain without food for too long.

For this reason, it’s important to always have food on hand both for yourself during your travels by keeping a stash in your inventory, and for your Pals to nibble away on while they work hard all day long, which can be achieved by crafting a Pal Feeder and dropping food inside. And remember, always keep an eye out for food to scavenge both from the environment or by defeating Pals in battle.

Dungeons Have Time Limits & Rotate at Random

Dungeon entrance on the side of a cliff in Palworld
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In Palworld, you can even explore Dungeons that you may find in the world in areas such as the tops of hills, or the side of a cliff. However, it is incredibly important to know that Palworld Dungeons have a timer, so if you stumble across one, it’s better to make it a priority and complete it ASAP. After the timer for entering a Dungeon runs out, the Dungeon will disappear, and spawn to another random point on the map. However, once you are inside, there is no timer, meaning you’re free to explore at your own pace.

Throw Pal Spheres After Causing Damage to a Wild Pal For Better Success

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Some Pals are much more difficult to capture than others, who you may have been lucky enough to simply throw a Sphere at and call it a day. When it comes to obtaining Pals, the best way to do so without wasting your resources is to damage the wild Pal and destroy most of its health bar, either through the use of weapons such as your Bow or by sending out one of your Pals to fight it. Once the enemy’s health gets low, you’ll notice a much higher capture rate indicated on the screen when you aim your Pal Sphere at the wild enemy.

Craft a Bow ASAP For Ranged Attacks

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Image Source: Pocketpair

In Palworld, some enemies or wild Pals can be deadly at close range due to dealing heavy damage to targets within proximity. For this reason, having a ranged weapon, such as a Bow, is extremely important. You should make obtaining a Bow one of your main priorities when starting the game, as this will give you more flexibility in the wild when it comes to both hunting and battles. Bows can be crafted at a workbench, with several variants becoming available as you upgrade your base.

Mounts Give Better Exploration & Control Over Pals

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In Palworld, traversing certain areas can be frustrating or difficult, which is partially why Mounts are so valuable. Certain Pals, upon capture, will have accessories that can eventually be purchased with Technology Points, and then crafted. Saddles will turn certain Pals into Mounts, which let you explore at a better pace, or in some cases, even take to the skies – which makes things much more interesting and easier to reach some locations.

On top of this, Mounts enable you full control over a Pal, with the ability to press certain buttons to use their attacks or abilities. This makes battles feel much more controlled and lively and lets you strategize how you want to go about various situations.

Target Chillet For Your First Boss to Earn the Egg Incubator ASAP

Respawned Chillet boss in Palworld
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Palworld bosses are largely important for three very good reasons – they give very solid EXP when caught or defeated, have the potential to add some powerhouse Pals to your team and reward Ancient Technology points that you can use to purchase special equipment and facilities, such as the Egg Incubator. However, many bosses are significantly high levels – as you may have found out if you accidentally stumbled upon a Mammorest in the early minutes of your gameplay!

A great Boss to start with is Chillet, which can be encountered at location 175, -419 on the world map. This is because Chillet is only level 11, in comparison to the level 38 Mammorest, so it will be much more achievable when it comes to either capturing or defeating it. Doing either of these will mark the Boss as defeated and give you your first Technology Point so you can get that pesky Egg Incubator, so this is something to consider if you’re not quite ready to take on the Rayne Syndicate Tower fight.

Lucky Pals Are Rare, Sparkling Monsters With Extremely Powerful Stats & Abilities

what are lucky pals and how to find them
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While Palworld doesn’t have shiny Pals, in the same way that the Pokemon games have shiny variants, there is something similar, named Lucky Pals. Lucky Pals are significantly larger than other Pals of the same species, and while they don’t differ in color palettes, they tend to have a sparkle to them and send out a soft glowing noise as they walk around the map, indicating their presence.

If you stumble upon a rare Lucky Pal, it may just be the next main member of your team, as these Pals have significantly stronger abilities and stats than the average Pal of the same species. However, this also makes them much more lethal in battle, so be sure to approach with caution!

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