The Day Before Studio Shuts Down Less Than a Week After Game’s Launch

It’s no secret that The Day Before has had a tumultuous development cycle long before its early access launch on Steam. The game suffered from multiple delays and hiccups, but it finally made it to its early access release date last week. However, less than a week after its official launch, developing studio Fntastic has announced the studio’s closure.

You can read the statement for yourself down below:

Simply put, the studio has stated that they don’t have enough funding to continue supporting the game. In addition to that, all income received from sales is being put towards paying off debts to their partners. It’s looking pretty grim, to say the least. The studio went on to say that the servers will remain operational for now, but the future of the game is unknown, and it seems likely that it won’t be long before the servers get shut down as well, given how badly it’s performed.

Even on the day it launched, The Day Before was plagued with server issues and errors, which opened the floodgates for complaints and angry messages from players on the official Discord server.

At the time of writing, The Day Before’s Steam page is still up, but you can no longer purchase the game.

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