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With the release of Update 1.6, the Bookseller now visits town twice per season to offer some of the most incredible things in the game. This allows players to browse their wares and buy items essential to their farming life. While his offers are expensive, their benefits outweigh the costs, so gamers should take the opportunity to visit the nomadic merchant when they can. If you need to know where he is and want to take advantage of the skill books he offers, this guide will show you the exact location of the Bookseller. 

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Who is the Bookseller

Marcello is a nomadic vendor who visits Pelican Town on random days. He visits the area twice per season after the most recent major update. You can check when he will arrive in the town by checking the community calendar outside Pierre’s General Store.

Marcello is one of the more important merchants in the game because he can help you boost your skills. The Bookseller offers a wide array of unique skill books, which can either upgrade your abilities or provide you with permanent buffs. These perks include additional EXP after combat or increased speed when doing tasks. These books cost up to 25,000, so you want to save as much as possible before Marcello arrives in town. 

Bookseller Location and How to Find Him

The Bookseller sets up his shop at the edge of the northeastern part of Pelican Town. You can find him in two potential locations depending on what stage of the game you are at. Initially, you can find him North of the Joja Mart. The Bookseller can be found North of the Movie Theatre for those who have progressed further into the game. 

You can only find the Bookseller during his scheduled visits. If you still need to check the community calendar, you will know when the merchant is in town because you will get a notification in the screen’s bottom-left corner. You can also check the calendar for a blue hot air balloon icon indicating his arrival. 

The Booksellers are easy to find if you look around the town. If you are still trying to figure out how to track down Marcello, we can provide you with step-by-step instructions on locating him. Here is how you can find the Bookseller:

  • Start from Pierre’s General Store
  • Head east towards the river crossing
  • After making your way east, you are bound to hit the edge and can go no further
  • Find a set of stairs around the area which will lead you up to the Bookseller if he is in town

If he is in town, then you can buy books from him. The prices can range from a few thousand gold up to 25,000. Fortunately, these purchases are one-time, flat gold expenditures. Alternatively, you can use other resources to trade for these boosts. To buy books, you can use materials like cooked dishes, rare items, wood, coal, and baits. These perks you get from each purchase are also permanent, so you get the most out of these exchanges. 

You should note that the offers change every visit, so you should save money before he arrives. The safest amount would be around 30,000+, so you will have enough gold to buy the offers you want and need. Otherwise, you might have to wait for the next cycle if you missed out on specific things you need from the previous visit.

What to Buy from the Bookseller

The Bookseller will offer tons of books that you will need later. Skills books can be bought multiple times through different seasons to increase your masteries and gain perks. However, some tomes offer useful permanent buffs that can provide traversal perks. Here are some books you want to get from the Marcello:

  • Monster Compendium
  • Mapping Cave Systems
  • Jewels of the Sea
  • The Diamond Hunter
  • Way of the Wind
  • Price Catalogue
  • Horse: The Book
  • Ol’ Slitherlegs

A thumbs-up will appear on an item if you have already bought that thing before so you can avoid spending money on it.

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