Marvel Snap Devs Revert Mobius’s Nerf After Massive Fan Backlash

Barely a month after his release, Mobius M. Mobius got heavily nerfed, and was completely pushed out of the Marvel Snap meta game. At launch, Mobius was a 2/3 Ongoing card that would prevent your costs from getting increased, and your opponent’s costs from getting reduced. This was a great answer to polarizing cards Wave (which also subsequently got nerfed), but also ended up pushing out archetypes that were already languishing, such as Negative.

The most recent patch nerfed Mobius into a card that would only affect costs for the next turn, which made him basically useless and unplayable. Since then, this has sparked quite a bit of backlash both on Reddit and on Discord, where players expressed their disapproval of Second Dinner’s move to nerf a card that they had actively decided to spend Tokens or Caches on, barely a month after it was released.

To make things worse, Second Dinner had also openly admitted in the patch notes that they released Mobius knowing he would be slightly overtuned, and with the intention of reigning him back later on down the line.

Following this backlash, the developers have since released a statement on Discord, stating that Mobius will get his old card ability back, but be set at 3-cost instead of the original 2. This change will happen with this week’s OTA update, on Nov. 9.

Image Source: Marvel Snap Discord

Marvel Snap is now available on PC and mobile devices.

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