How These 10 Anime Characters Totally Spent The Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, and in celebration, we’ve rounded up ten very well-known anime characters to evaluate how we think they’d spend their Christmas celebrations, no matter just how quirky or chaotic these celebrations may be. Follow along below for some of the most fitting holiday scenarios starring everyone’s favorite characters.

Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)

Deku in Chrismas outfit
Image Source: Studio Bones

Deku is a very friendly guy, so there’s no doubt that he’d be celebrating the Holiday Season surrounded by family and friends. However, when it comes to Deku’s status as the number one All Might fanboy, he doesn’t play around — of course, the people closest to him will be well aware and gift him all of the latest All Might merch that Deku’s little hero-to-be heart desires.

He’d definitely forget to try any of the meal food or festive snacks, and instead, just take to frantically decorating his bedroom with all of the new All Might aesthetics he’d gained…and by the time Deku would finally be done putting up his new decorations, well, everyone would be long gone and headed home for the night.

Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto/Boruto)

Naruto Christmas edit
Image Source: Studio Pierrot via Twinfinite

Naruto has kids of his own now, so for his holiday celebration, he didn’t even hesitate to go HoHoHokage mode and throw on a Santa costume. Trying to emulate the big guy, Naruto grabbed a bunch of gifts and slung them in a bag over his shoulder, attempting to wiggle down the chimney to bring joy to Boruto and Himawari.

Unfortunately for Naruto, he got stuck halfway down and needed not one, but several pairs of hands to drag his now soot-covered self back out into the open.

Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto/Boruto)

Sasuke Christmas edit
Image Source: Studio Pierrot via Twinfinite

It seems for once in Sarada’s life, Sasuke has returned home to spend the holiday season with his family; what a rare occasion! Wait, something seems off about Sasuke, but we just can’t put our finger on it….he couldn’t… he wouldn’t, would he?

Please tell us that this isn’t just another shadow clone sent in place of the real Sasuke… sigh. We knew we were expecting too much with the idea of this guy being a family man for once. Maybe next year?

Light Yagami (Death Note)

Light Yagami Christmas edit
Image source: Studio Madhouse via Twinfinite

Light Yagami seems to have turned a new leaf for the holiday season. He’s thrown away his Death Note for good, waved goodbye to the apple-obsessed Ryuk, wrapped a bunch of heartfelt gifts for his family, and embraced festive cheer in full. From the bottom of his heart, Light here would love to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

However, to do so, he just requires one little thing; your full name. Don’t ask questions, just trust the process… He’s only going to use it for Christmas card purposes. Light is definitely not digging up the ‘ol Death Note from his drawer, not at all.

Hinata Shoyo (Haikyuu!!)

Hinata Christmas edit
Image Source: Production I.G. via Twinfinite

Anyone who is familiar with Haikyuu!! knows just how much Hinata loves his food. When the Christmas feast arrives at the table, Hinata here is first to scurry over and fill his plate to the brim with anything and everything he can get his grubby little hands on.

Don’t worry, though; Hinata is able to wolf this entire meal down with ease in a couple of minutes, tops. And then following this, he continues to wolf down several more meals on behalf of every other person in the room.

Eren Jaeger (Attack on Titan)

Eren Jaeger Christmas edit
Image Source: Studio WIT via Twinfinite

Thanks to all the crazy timelines and paths shenanigans, I’d like to imagine Eren celebrating Christmas by living through the memories of his younger self and racing Mikasa and Armin to the tree (except this time, it’s a Christmas tree).

Although, if that one doesn’t seem all that appealing for Mr. Founding/Attack Titan over here, he can always jump back into the stomach of the very Santa-looking Bearded Titan that chomped his arm up and ate him near the beginning of the show. Poor Santa Titan, he just wanted a bite to eat on his big day…

Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

Ichigo Christmas edit
Image Source: Studio Pierrot via Twinfinite

Ichigo Kurosaki finally gets to take a break from his duties as a substitute Soul Reaper and sit down with his family to celebrate Christmas. He’s spent the morning exchanging gifts with everyone, and now they’re all sitting around the table ready to dig into a beautifully cooked meal.

Until…what’s that Ichigo can hear coming down the chimney? Santa Claus, perhaps? Oh no… it’s yet another Hollow, isn’t it? Well, it seems Soul Reapers can never truly snag a day off the job with success. 

Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer)

Tanjiro Christmas edit
Image Source: Ufotable via Twinfinite

Tis the season for giving, and even Tanjiro Kamado appears to be a gift recipient this time around. It seems there’s a big box under the Christmas tree with his name on the gift tag. Tanjiro sees this and is genuinely surprised — a present? For him? Wow, and such a big box, too! Almost big enough for someone to fit inside.

Wait, what’s this? Surprise! There was someone inside, Nezuko to be precise. It’s Nezuko, Nezuko is Tanjiro’s gift (and she’s still a demon at that). Nezuko also nods furiously in the background, her mere presence is indeed a gift in itself, and her big brother should be thankful.

Death the Kid (Soul Eater)

Death the Kid Christmas edit
Image Source: Studio Bones via Twinfinite

Kid needs everything to be perfect for the holiday season, and he will be taking the decorating and aesthetics extremely seriously. The Christmas tree isn’t symmetrical! It has one too many ornaments on the left side and the lights are wound one too many times around the right side — what disgusting filth! How could those animals find this okay?

It’s disgusting, despicable, horrid! Don’t even get him started on the uneven number of gifts below the tree, now he has to go and buy more to ensure it’s a perfectly symmetrical evenly arranged number.

Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

Zoro Christmas edit
Image Source: Studio WIT via Twinfinite

Zoro, Zoro, Zoro….well, at first this guy completely forgot that Christmas was even a thing that was currently happening. And then finally when he did remember that Sanji had planned to cook a special dinner for the occasion, he got lost trying to make his way there. Talk about taking a classic Zoro approach to the holidays, right?

Perhaps he finally does make it in time to clean up the leftovers and got to sleep with a full belly, or perhaps he finally shows up days later in festive attire, leaving everyone confused. I guess we’ll have to wait ’til next year to find out.

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