Grand Piece Online Boss Drops & Loot Chance

Gpo Boss Loot
Image: Try Hard Guides / GPO Wiki

As you sail the seas of Grand Piece Online in search of Devil Fruits, you will encounter bosses randomly or hunt them for quests. These bosses often drop decent loot, but the quality of the loot depends on luck. It can significantly enhance the damage or defense of your character. Here’s a guide on GPO boss drops and the chance of getting them to help you determine if you’re missing anything!

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All Boss Drops and Loot Chances in Grand Piece Online

Since there is a slew of bosses to find and defeat in Grand Piece Online, there is also a lot of loot to plunder from their corpses! I organized this guide based on the Islands of the Seas and the Sky: Second Sea, Land of the Sky, and First Sea.

Season Sea GPO Loot and Drop Chance

GPO Second Sea LootGPO Second Sea Loot
Image: Try Hard Guides / GPO Wiki

There are currently 15 bosses to face in the Second Sea of GPO. Make sure to check out the loot drops from these bosses and the new sea events added in Update 10

BossLocationDrops & Loot Chance
BellomRose KingdomBellom’s Glasses (5%)
Bellom’s Outfit (1%)
Brook – Soul King – NormalSE from Impel Down
Where to Find Guide
Soul King’s Tophat (~5%)
Soul King’s Violin (~5%)
Soul King’s Outfit (1%)
Soul Cane (1%)
Brook – Soul King – RockstarSE from Impel Down
Where to Find Guide
Soul King’s Shades(~5%)
Soul King’s Top Hat (Rockstar)(~5%)
Soul King’s Guitar (1%)
Soul King’s Rockstar Outfit(1%)
Soul Cane (1%)
Soul King’s Scarf(0.5%)
Crab King ChoInstant upon using Ryuma and Borj’s SoulsCho’s Crown (5%)
Crab Cutlass (1%)
DonmingoRaid Boss of Rose KingdomDonmingo’s Shades (5%)
Donmingo’s Outfit (1%)
Donmingo’s Cape (1%)
String Dissection(1%)
Hawk EyeSea Event – Umi IslandTriple Strongest Slash Scroll (5%)
Mihawk’s hat (1%)
Hawk Eye’s Outfit (1%)
Dark Blade (0.5%)
KrakenRough WatersBook of Spirits (45%)
Mysterious Book (15%)
Kraken Cape (5%)
Devil Fruit (3%)
Kraken Armor (1%)
Kraken Blade (1%)
Kraken Katana (1%)
Kraken Core (1%)
LucyColosseum RaidLucy’s Outfit (5%)
Lucy’s Helmet (5%)
Lucy’s Cape (5%)
MegalodonRough WatersMegalodon Tooth (100%)
Megalodon Armor Blueprint (25%)
Megalodon Helmet Blueprint (25%)
Boneshiver Blueprint (25%)
MusashiSashi IslandBook of Nitoryu (100%)
Musashi’s Crimson Katana (100%)
Musashi’s Rose Katana (1%)
Musashi’s Hat (1%)
Musashi’s Karuta (1%)
Pharaoh AkshanPharoah’s Castle – Desert KingdomGolden Hook (5%)
Pharaoh Akshan’s Cape (5%)
PicaRaid Boss of Rose KingdomPica’s Helmet (5%)
Pica’s Armor (1%)
Pica Smash (1%)
RogerSea Event – Umi IslandRoger’s Hat (1%)
Roger’s Outfit (1%)
Roger’s Ace (0.5%)
Moria, The Shadow KingThriller Bark IslandMoria’s Tophat (5%)
Moria’s Necklace (5%)
Bat Swarm (1%)
Moria’s Scissors (1%)
Moria’s Outfit (1%)
BorjThriller Bark Island – Borjs RoomBorj’s Soul (50%)
Borj’s Armor (1%)
Knight’s Gauntlet (1%)
RyumaThriller Bark IslandRyuma’s Soul (50%)
Ryuma’s Scarf (5%)
Ryuma’s Outfit (1%)
Shusui (1%)

Land of the Sky GPO Loot and Drop Chance

The Land of the Sky may be technically located in the First Sea, but its unique look and atmosphere make it deserving of its own spotlight! This area offers the opportunity to engage in battles with four bosses in GPO.

BossLocationLoot & Drop Chance
BrunoThe TreeBurn Bazooka (5%)
Head Guardian3rd Floor of Sky CastleSkyBlue Katana (5%)
Guardian’s Helmet (5%)
MalcolmMalcolm’s LairShotgun (5%)
Thunder God – EnelGolden CityGolden Staff (5%)
Tomoe Drums (1%)

First Sea GPO Boss Loot and Drop Chance

GPO First Sea LootGPO First Sea Loot
Image: Try Hard Guides / GPO Wiki

Make sure to keep an eye out for the 11 bosses waiting to be discovered and defeated in First Sea!

BossLocationLoot & Loot Chance
Bandit BossTown of BeginningsBandit Eyepatch (50%)
LucidSandoraBazooka (25%)
Axe Hand LoganShells TownMetal Jaw (25%)
Star Clown – BuggyOrange TownBuggy’s Cape (10%)
Captain ZhenMarine Base G-1Captain Zhen’s Cape (5%)
Bisento (1%)
Flame Admiral ZekeMarine Base G-1Fire Essence (25%)
Marine Captain’s Cape (5%)
Gorilla KingSphinx IslandGorilla King Crown (5%)
GravitoGravito’s FortGravito’s Cape(5-10%)
Gravity Blade (5%)
Hoverboard (1%)
Meteor Strike (1%)
NeptuneFishman IslandNeptune’s Crown (5%)
Neptune’s Trident (1%)
RyuRyu’s Palace, on Fishman IslandShark Necklace (5%)
Ryu’s Katana (5%)
Saw Shark – ArlongShark ParkKiribachi (5%)

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