Dragon’s Dogma 2 Vocations & Ultimate Skills Guide

Vocations are Dragon’s Dogma’s class system, each having a different approach to the game’s action combat system. Some Vocations like the Fighter, Warrior, and Thief prefer close-ranged melee combat that can deal heavy damage should their combos be set up. Archers and Mystic Archers have the speed and range to avoid enemy attacks. In contrast, the Mage and Sorceror have access to powerful offensive and support elemental spells that can exploit enemy weaknesses. There are even wholly unique Vocations with the Trickster, who uses illusory spells to fool enemies into falling off pits or fighting shadow clones, and the Wayfarer, a jack-of-all-trades class with access to all Vocation weapon skills.

Each Vocation has certain requirements that must be met to unlock the. This guide will help you find the locations for every requisite NPC and items needed to obtain all Vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Basic Vocation Ultimate Skill Requirements

All the Basic Vocations (i.e., Fighter, Archer, Thief, Mage) are unlocked by default and are available to both Arisen and Pawns. However, these Basic Vocations have an Ultimate Skill, which can only be obtained by speaking to an appropriate Maister NPC for that Vocation.


The Fighter’s Ultimate Skill, Riotous Fury, is obtained by speaking to the Maister, Lennart, who can be found in the small town of Melve. However, you must complete the Readvent of Calamity, as Lennart will only give you the scroll needed to obtain the skill once that quest has been finished. Be careful; the Readvent of Calamity quest is affected by a time limit, which can be easily missed if you pass the time or progress through the main questline.


The Ultimate Skill, Heavenly Shot, can be gained by speaking to Taliesin in Sacred Arbor. First, You must progress through his questline, starting with “Gift of the Bow.” He will then request that you save his daughter from a group of Ogres. Rescue her and return to Taliesin with her to obtain the skill scroll.


To obtain the skill scrolls for the Blades of the Pyre and Formless Feint Ultimate skills, you will need to talk to Flaude and Srail, respectively. They can both be found in the Nameless Village, with Flaude in the Old Noble Manor and Srail in the Namless Village Depths. Simply speak to them; they will give you the appropriate skill scrolls.


One of the best support skills in the game, the Ultimate Skill Celestial Paean, can be unlocked by speaking to Eini in her home north of Melve. You will need to complete her quest “Spellbound” by giving her grandaughter Trysha  5 grimoires. These grimoires are also needed for a different quest, so make sure to create forgeries of these items and give Eini the copies. Wait two days, and she will give you the item.

Advanced Vocation Unlock Guide

Warrior and Sorceror

Both classes are advanced versions of the Fighter and Mage vocations. To unlock both classes, you must accept the “Vocation Frustration” quest from any Vocation Guild NPC and retrieve a greatsword and archistaff weapon. Once you have both weapons, return to the guild to unlock these vocations.

As for their Ultimate Skills, starting with the Warrior, you can obtain the Arc of Might skill by speaking to Beren. You must complete his quests “Claw Them Into Shape” and “Beren’s Final Lesson.” After completing his quests, you can find him at Beren’s Childhood Home, south of the Checkpoint Rest. Speak to him to obtain the scroll.

The Sorceror Ultimate Skills, Meteoron, and Maelstrom are obtained from Trysha, the granddaughter mentioned for the Mage Ultimate Skill and Myrddin. Again, have the 5 grimoires forged on Ibrahim’s Scrap Shop and give the forgeries to Trysha and the originals to Myrddin. With Trysha, she will lose control of her magic after you give her the grimoires. Stay clear of her wild magic, then grab her to keep her pinned; once Eini arrives, she will give you the Meteoron spell.

Mystic Spearhand

The Mystic Spearhand Vocation can be unlocked by speaking to Sigurd. Once you have finished the Readvent of Calamity quest, Sigurd will appear in Melve. However, if you missed this quest, you can also find him in Dragonsbreath Tower. After unlocking the Vocation, he will return to his home in Harve Village, and you can speak to him again to gain the Wild Furie Ultimate Skill.

Magick Archer

This Vocation can be unlocked by visiting the Windwalker’s Home on Agamen Volcanic Island. You must first bring a dwarf NPC named Gautstafr to his house, then escort him to the Volcanic Island Camp again. Once you’re done, speak to his wife, Cliondhna, to unlock the Magick Archer vocation. After you unlock the Vocation, she will immediately provide you with the scroll for the Ultimate Skill Martyr’s Bolt.


For this Vocation, you only need to speak to an old oracle woman named Luz, who can in the Reverent Shrine, between Checkpoint Rest Town and Bakbattahl. Speak to her spirit form to unlock the Trickster vocation. You can also receive the Dragon’s Delusion Ultimate Skill if you find her physical form.


The Wayfarer vocation can be found on the Volcanic Island Camp Hot Springs by speaking to a man named Lamond. To unlock Wayfarer, you must bring him three bottles of Newt Liqueur. You can craft this item by mixing Fruit Wine with a Saurian Tail.  You can also buy this item at Higg’s Tavern Stand for 5000 gold. Give Lamond the Newt Liqueur; he will unlock the Wayfarer vocation for you and give you the Rearmament Ultimate Skill as a bonus.

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