Apple News+ Quartiles July 11, 2024 Answers (7/11/24)

Featured Apple News Quartiles

For word puzzle lovers, Quartiles is a true brain teaser, so it’s not uncommon to get stuck when staring at all of the day’s tiles. If you’ve struggled to finish the Quartiles puzzle for July 11, 2024, we have a list of all the words possible, including the five Quartiles, to ensure you don’t lose your streak!

Quartiles Answers for July 11, 2024

Here are the five Quartiles in the July 11, 2024 puzzle, which will each earn you eight points:

  • ventriloquist
  • intellects
  • sideswiped
  • disconcert
  • cornucopia

Here are the remaining words you can find to rank up:

  • dis
  • con
  • cop
  • coven
  • trice
  • deist
  • intel
  • lede
  • side
  • cede
  • code
  • swiped
  • coped
  • copped
  • disco
  • districts
  • decocts
  • concocts
  • concede
  • concert

How to Play Quartiles by Apple News+

Quartiles is based on a series of tiles, and you can create words using one to four tiles. When you use four tiles to create a word, they count as a Quartile, and will yield you eight points, while finding all five will give you a 40-point bonus. Each puzzle has five Quartiles that you can find, which means that there are 20 tiles shown in each puzzle. Using one tile results in one point, while two tiles gives two points, and three tiles gives four points.

We hope that the answers to the July 11, 2024 Quartiles puzzle has helped you maintain your streak and give you some help towards learning how to solve future puzzles!

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