10 Horror Games Releasing in 2024 Ready To Scare You

Looking for some hair-raising titles that will kickstart those heart palpitations? 2024 is shaping up to be the year of horror games that are ready to scare you.

Poppy Playtime: Chapter 3

Release Date: January 30, 2024

A creature from the horror game Poppy Playtime Chapter 3
Image Credit: Mob Game Studios

The story of Poppy Playtime continues in the third DLC, where you’ll explore the orphanage under the famous Playtime factory. With new characters and new features, this expansion of the horror game is nothing short of fantastic.

As a heads up, if you haven’t played the first two, you’ll need the first game to play this chapter since it is an add on rather than a separate game. Also, for the purposes of understanding the story, we strongly recommend playing chapter one and two first before jumping into this.

The Backrooms

Release Window: March 2024

characters from the horror game The Backrooms
Image Credit: Found Footage Studios

Ever walked down a long quiet open hallway and felt creeped out for no reason? That sensation inspired the internet to come up with something called the Backrooms. You’ve probably seen a few games based on this creepy concept. In this new version, co-op play is widely encouraged, as is creativity since you’re able to make your own levels.

This time you’ll playing through the perspective of a body cam and utilizing voice chat as an immersion tool — don’t let the monsters hear you! Welcome to the Backrooms, where anything can happen.


Release Window: Q1 2024

A room on the ship in the horror game Mouthwashing
Developer: Wrong Organ

There’s a whole new definition of cabin fever in Mouthwashing, a game where the crew of a courier ship has crash landed in deep space. Stuck together, they become increasingly irate with one another as it becomes more and more clear that help isn’t coming.

In addition, the player is forced to tend to Curly, the captain of the ship who became (big emphasis on) horrendously deformed in the crash. There’s more than meets Curly’s eyeball here though, and no one in the crew is truly innocent. Was it he who caused the crash or someone else? You’ll have to find out!


Release Window: Q1 2024

A living room in Subliminal
Image Credit: Sven

The horror game Subliminal proves that sometimes, it’s the fight or flight within us that can be the biggest hurdle. Explore a number of different spaces, where even the monsters you face won’t be as scary as your racing heartbeat.

What’s creepy here is knowing there’s someone around, but you can’t see them. Only the strong of mind will be able to handle this challenge that might even make the horrors of Outlast look simple in comparison. It’s the Backrooms in its scariest form yet.

Little Nightmares III

Release Window: 2024

The protagonists from Little Nightmares III
Image Credit: Tarsier Studios

The Little Nightmares series have that goth Coraline style horror that is just creepy enough with a splash of whimsical charm. Gameplay traditionally consists of going through a world inhabited by monsters where the main character has to solve puzzles in order to escape.

The original horror game was so popular that a sequel was made and now a third version is in the works, with a brand feature some are surely looking forward to, multiplayer mode! That’s right, you and a friend will now be able to navigate the game’s challenges together. Third time’s the spooky charm.

Silent Hill 2

Release Window: 2024

James from the horror game Silent Hill 2
Image Credit: Konami

The Silent Hill 2 remake is one of the most exciting horror releases to look forward to because it’s generally considered the best one in the franchise, even surpassing the original. People favored it because it deviated from the cult horror themes in 1, choosing to focus on the human psyche instead.

If you’ve never played a Silent Hill game, this is a great way to get your foot in the door because the story is separate from what happens in 1 and 3. It’s a bit like Resident Evil but with less of a focus on science fiction and more on psychological horror.

Beyond Hanwell

Release Window: 2024

A room in Beyond Hanwell
Image Credit: Steel Arts Software LTD

The open world hype train keeps going and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Horror fans will be able to jump on when Beyond Hanwell comes out. Here, you’ll explore a London that’s been infested by creatures called Anomalies.

If you’re an avid Project Zomboid enjoyer, this might be something for you because it has similar aspects of survival and dumping bullets into infected monsters. However instead of dying from getting bitten, you can use the creature’s DNA to make yourself stronger beyond the limits of humanity.

Until Dawn

Release Window: 2024

Sam from Until Dawn stands in conversation
Image Credit: Supermassive Games

You can’t go wrong with classic horror where the plot happens because teenagers made bad decisions. In fact, in this game, remastered from the 2015 version, the choices you make will affect the direction of the plot. Until Dawn takes place in a remote mountain area where eight people will face nightmares that they never imagined were real.

Things aren’t that cut and dry though; prior to the main story something awful happened in those mountains. It’s a mystery just truly dying to be solved as you’ll see. With a celebrity voiced cast, this is sure to be unforgettable!

Crow Country

Release Window: 2024

Exploring the park in Crow Country
Image Credit: SFB Games

Haunted abandoned theme parks always have a different level of eerie horror that borders on being creepy. In Crow Country, the player investigates the eponymous theme park that was suddenly long left to rot years before. Something happened here but what? As you explore, you’ll learn exactly what and why lead to the park’s closing.

Don’t be afraid to click on absolutely everything here, as the left behind clues will be your key to unraveling the lore. It’s time to dust off your detective skills and explore Crow County!


Release Window: 2024

A monster in Demonsomnia
Image Credit: Woziva

This next one is for all the lovers of post-apocalyptic horror. Here, you and your comrades will explore a land decimated by radiation. The toxic fumes gave birth to mutated creatures which prowl the forests you’ll explore. Be on your toes, stay alert, and never remove your mask, or you could join those creatures.

Your goal is to collect a certain number of items to kill a demon, which is why this works as a co-op game. Of course, if you’re feeling brave, feel free to try it solo!

Get ready to be spooked by these in 2024!

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