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With the announcement of Monster Hunter Wilds as a “one last thing” moment during The Game Awards 2023, fans of the franchise are hyped for what’s to come. While waiting for more information about Wilds, players are jumping back into the past Monster Hunter games to get themselves set up. Whether you’re playing solo, with friends, or with strangers over the interwebs, Monster Hunter World still has a lively hub despite being shoved aside by MH Rise.  

Most of you will probably stick to the weapons that accommodate your hunting style, but why not master a few more to shake things up a bit? Here are some weapons ranked best to worst for solo play. 

Monster Hunter World: Best Weapon for Solo Gameplay 

Great Sword (S-Tier) 

The Great Sword is a hefty weapon, but the same can be said about its damage output. We put this in the S-Tier category because it offers the highest per-hit damage in the entire game. Yes, you heard that right—even in the Iceborn expansion. This alone makes it the strongest weapon to use against monsters. 

Using the Great Sword, taking down an enemy with just a few hits is possible. Wielding this weapon is all about timing; its slow speed can be something you’re not used to, especially if you came from using Dual Blades. However, its fantastic range and the amount of damage it deals overshadows these cons. 

Simply put, the Great Sword—if used correctly—can be your reliable partner in combat. You can use a mix of heavy combos and defense to make your way out of tricky situations. It’s a chonker, but it can help you take advantage of close combat when large monsters approach you. 

Hammer (A-Tier) 

If you like to get up close and personal, then the Hammer is a high recommendation from us. It’s the perfect choice for a tank player. Like the Great Sword, the Hammer also does a lot of damage with each hit. But it is unique because it can topple even the most enormous monster. With its high base damage and ability to stun enemies, it’s one of the most hard-hitting weapons in Monster Hunter World Iceborn. 

The only caveat to using the Hammer is its low range. Plus, precise timing is required to make the most out of combat. You’ll need to land most of your hits on your opponent’s head; otherwise, you won’t do much. Besides that, if you’re looking for a weapon that can make you feel like Thor, then the Hammer is the weapon for you. It certainly has its fair share of flaws, but after you master it, you’ll barely even notice them. 

Long Sword (B-Tier) 

If you’re a newbie in the Monster Hunter games, then the Long Sword might seem alluring to you. And to be honest? We can’t blame you. It offers the perfect blend of agility and combo damage. You also have defensive options besides having high mobility. The biggest points, though, are its long range and damage output. 

The Long Sword has a spirit gauge, which keeps increasing as you perform for combos. When the gauge goes up, the weapon’s damage increases. It’s rewarding to see for those who like to perform different combos on targets. As long as you’ve got the right build, you’ll fall in love with the elegant and swift nature of the Long Sword. You only need to remember that you’ll have to connect all your attacks/combos, or else the amount of damage you’ll deal will be less. 

Insect Glaive (C-Tier) 

For three reasons, the Insect Glaive is one of Monster Hunter World’s more unique weapons. First, it allows you to control a Kinsect pet, which you can use to gather Essence from different monsters. Second, it’s the only weapon in MHW that can efficiently perform aerial attacks. And third, you can use the Insect Glaive to mount large monsters quickly. What’s not to love about it? 

The Insect Glaive’s range of combos and attack options are fun to execute, but sadly, it’s not for everyone. The limited damage and high learning curve can be a less agreeable option for players. Sure, you’ll spend a lot of time in the air, but it’s not easy to achieve; it’s challenging to pull off, and attempts can easily fall flat, leaving you vulnerable to one-shot, one-kill attacks. 

Sword and Shield (D-Tier) 

The versatility of the Sword and Shield is genuinely something to behold, which is why many beginners consider it a good starter weapon to use while learning the ins and outs. However, for those who live and breathe Monster Hunter World, it is one of the worst weapons to use despite offering offensive and defensive options. 

The Sword and Shield is a weapon that provides decent stats. In addition, it’s also the only weapon that allows you to use items like Potions and Rations without having to sheathe them. But even so, those pros aren’t enough; something that isn’t too powerful easily plummets it to D-Tier. The SnS’s low damage output can make it difficult to take down monsters, especially for solo players. 

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