Maui Crashes into Smite Alongside a Spooky New Reaping Event

The Hero of Hawai‘i Update for Smite introduces Maui, the Hero of Hawai’i to the Battleground of the Gods!

After completing incredible feats like discovering fire for humanity or pulling the very islands from the sea, Smite’s newest Guardian is ready for the Battleground of the Gods. Maui’s abilities reflect his heroic, mischievous nature by protecting his fellow gods while confusing his enemies.

In his first ability, Maui shows his prowess as a Master Fisherman, by throwing out his hook to catch an enemy god and then reeling them in. Maui’s second ability, Mystical Ulua, throws out a fish of pure water that explodes on impact, giving allies protections and movement speed and creating a pillar of water that can rescue endangered allies by carrying them to Maui. Maui’s fourth ability, Landfall, leverages his great strength to leap into the air and throw his hook at an area to pull up an island while knocking enemies into the air and blocking movement for a short duration. Don’t let Maui’s mischievous nature fool you – his love for humanity and heroic nature make him a force to be reckoned with. Even the Sun itself couldn’t withstand the might of Maui; these silly gods won’t stand a chance!

Smite - Hero of Hawaii Update

Maui isn’t the only exciting addition to this update. For all you fans of the spooky season, we’re bringing back The Reaping! In this bone-shaking Halloween event, you can collect pumpkins by buying Reaping skins or rolling the new Halloween Chest. Earn enough pumpkins and you can unlock fantastic new rewards for FREE: Dark Magic Aphrodite and the final reward skin: Toony Terror Scylla.

Smite - Hero of Hawaii Update

Finally, for all you fans of RWBY out there, Cinder Fall arrives in Smite as a new skin for Morgan le Fay! Embrace the powers of the Fall Maiden and defeat the members of Team RWBY!

Hop into Smite today and check out all the new content in the latest update including Maui, the Hero of Hawai’i and latest Guardian to join the Battleground of the Gods, plus The Reaping seasonal event.

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