How Did Razor Get His Vision

An Abyss Mage kidnapped Razor during a lightning storm when he was young in Genshin Impact. The pack rushed to save him but was overpowered by the mage. One by one, the wolves fell, and upon seeing this, Razor let out a rage-fueled roar. He felt the elemental energy flow within him and was ready to protect and avenge.

That was the moment he received his Vision. The Abyss Mage fell to uncontrollable Electro energy from the boy. Unfortunately, it was too late to save any wolf who came to his rescue.

Since then, Razor has tried hard to control his Electro abilities. However, he still couldn’t get a grasp until he met his master, Lisa. Besides teaching him how to use his Electro Vision, she also taught him about human things.

Those who receive Electro Visions make a name for themselves, a legacy or legend, so to speak. It fits in with Electro’s theme of eternity, as it is a common idea to leave a mark to be remembered forever. Exempting the Archon, here are various titles Electro holders have:

  • Prinzessin der Verurteilung (Fischl)
  • Witch of Purple Rose, the Best Scholar of the Akademiya (in 200 years) (Lisa)
  • Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing (Keqing)
  • Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean (Beidou)
  • Guuji of the Grand Narukami Shrine, Chief Editor of the Yae Publishing House, the Last Yokai (Yae Miko)
  • Arataki Gang’s Deputy Leader* (Kuki Shinobu)
  • General of the Tenryou Commission (Kujou Sara)
  • Lord Sangemah Bay (Dori)
  • General Mahamatra (Cyno)

*Note: while this may seem a little lackluster, Kuki Shinobu has certifications for various trades. Among all the playable characters, she’s the only one with the knowledge and licenses to qualify for a wide variety of jobs.

Razor’s claim to fame is Legend of Wolvendom, as he grew up with wolves and later became its protector. While his reputation is contained in Mondstadt, it’s still a legitimate legend. If fame or a notorious reputation is part of the Celestial gods’ criteria for Electro Visions, that should fit.

Razor is a straightforward character to build and use. He’s a great DPS to start out with and a 4-star character to boot. That means it’s not too difficult to get him from any banner. He also has many F2P options for weapons, and they’ll serve him well.

Have fun with Razor, and keep on enjoying Genshin Impact!

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