Get To Know Our Team: Joshua – Program Manager (OS Flighting)

You know, it’s kinda interesting. I’ve basically worked my entire adult life with Xbox, except for a few brief places early on (classics like delivering pizza). I was hired as T1 Support in July 2011 out of an old call center in Beaverton, Oregon. I spent around five years in the support channels moving my way up the ranks.

I started like anyone else at a new job, but I was pretty good at it and had some experience with Networking, so that’s where they put me. From there I was one of the original Xbox Rangers, and I’ve been a member of Tier 3 tech support, a Case Manager, and a Mentor Lead. Oh, I also moved to Washington during this time!

Then, in 2016, Jon [Note For Readers: Jon is also on the Xbox Insider Team.] pings me and says he’s leaving the Rangers to come to XIP. He wanted to see if I was interested in being interviewed to be his replacement to join the Rangers again. I got that gig and worked for the Rangers for another five or so years before Jon tells me about an opening on this team. So, I started here in 2022 and have been working on OS Flighting ever since.

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