Dying Light 2 Getting a Game-Changing Update – Firearms Arrive in Villedor

This month marks the second anniversary of the launch of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. As this is a massive milestone, we’re celebrating all month long. Kicking it all off was the Year of the Dragon activity, but that was just the start. Now, we’re ready to bring out the big guns in more ways than one with our first major update of 2024: the Firearms Update. We’re certain this’ll please fans as it brings with it something they’ve been asking for, for a while now: guns!

However, before we get into the nitty-gritty of what to expect from the new update, we’ve got some huge news: we’re making the ‘Bloody Ties’ DLC free for anyone who already owns the game! To get it, go to the Xbox Store and claim it. But newcomers won’t be left out either: we’re launching a new version of the game, Reloaded Edition, which will allow new players full access to the DLC once claimed, too! Now, let’s get into the update!

Firearms Update: Fully Loaded

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As the name suggests, the biggest part – and arguably the most important to our players – of the update is the addition of firearms. Until now, Villedor had been a gun-free zone, with the closest you’d get to a gun being the Boomstick or an auto-firing crossbow, but neither packed the punch of a real one. Now, players will be able to get their hands on four different types of firearm: pistols, shotguns, rifles and SMGs. And players won’t have to wait long to get their hands on them, as all Pilgrims who’ve completed the prologue will find the ‘Harran Pistol’ in their stash until March 7.

But there’s a lot more to the update than just firearms. We’re also introducing Survivor Missions, which will offer a new type of challenge to players. While playable solo, these missions are intended for co-op as they will test all of your skills, especially the Elite ones. The initial set of Survivor Missions has dropped alongside the update, with more being added on February 29 and March 7.

On the topic of missions, there are some new postings on the bulletin boards of Villedor. Take them on to help out the citizens and get rewarded! And, of course, there are more in-game items for players to earn, this time with the addition of 50 more Legend Levels and a brand-new reward: the Doppelganger Legend outfit.

Additionally, the radio waves are saying a couple of familiar faces from the original Dying Light are making their way to The City. Tolga and Fatin will be arriving on February 29, and from what we’ve heard they’ll be needing your assistance. We guess, even in the future, it’s cool to be fashionably late.

Outside the game, players can find more bounties to take on at Pilgrim Outpost that are specifically designed for Community Maps. And carrying on from that, some of our best creators have already been hard at work on a collection of new maps which make the most of the newly-added firearms.

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Keep the Celebrations Going

As we mentioned earlier, this month marks our 2nd anniversary and there’s plenty more reason to celebrate with Anniversary Bounties. For the next few weeks, there will be three sets of four missions (each week unlocks a new set) for players to complete to earn some awesome throwback items from the original Dying Light and the 2019 E3 trailer: the Scorpio, the Nocturnal Tribal Machete and the Acolyte outfit.

However, there’s no reason to panic as if you aren’t able to start right away, you’ll be able to complete Week 1’s bounties in Week 2 or 3 (and Week 2’s bounties in Week 3), so there’s plenty of time for you to nab your rewards! Additionally, the majority of the bounties will focus on the update’s new additions, so you can fully experience them! These special bounties are activated on Pilgrim Outpost, where you can also find out more about the entire activity.

Here’s to Many More

Pilgrims, as we are celebrating this milestone, we’d also like to thank you for your continued support for a game we put blood, sweat, tears and UV Shroomz into. Without you, we wouldn’t be here, so from all of us here at Techland, a massive thank you! We hope you enjoy the first update of 2024. Enough talk; get out there and fill the infected with lead. Party hats optional.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Reloaded Edition is now available for purchase on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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It’s been 20 years since the events of the original game. The virus won, and humanity is slowly dying. You play as Aiden Caldwell, a wandering Pilgrim who delivers goods, brings news, and connects the few remaining survivor settlements in barren lands devastated by the zombie virus. However, your true goal is to find your little sister Mia, who you left behind as a kid to escape Dr. Waltz’s torturous experiments. Haunted by the past, you eventually make the decision to confront it when you learn that Mia may still be alive in Villedor — the last city standing on Earth.

You quickly find yourself in a settlement torn by conflict. You’ll need to engage in creative and gory combat, so hone your skills to defeat hordes of zombies and make allies. Roam the city, free run across Villedor’s buildings and rooftops in search of loot in remote areas, and be wary of the night. With every sunset, monsters take control of the streets.

Fifteen years ago, humanity was devastated by the Fall — a catastrophic event that would change the world forever. With the Harran virus spreading around the globe, people quickly found out that all hope for tomorrow is lost. By 2036, only a few settlements remain, and humanity is slowly dying, making way for the new species out there — a horde of relentless zombies.

Welcome to Villedor, one of the last bastions of humanity. During the day, survivors still try to have a life here and find a false sense of normalcy. Relationships are formed, dreams are dreamed, and life carries on. On the surface, everything seems… fine. Until sunset, that is. With the last ray of light dying out, other, more dreadful, dwellers of The City crawl out of their gloomy interiors, taking over the streets. If you are not vigilant and stay out too long in the dark, you may never return.

Not all fights can be won. Sometimes it’s best to run and, thankfully, you have the skills for it. Parkour lets you escape when odds are not in your favor. Jump from rooftop to rooftop, swing across the cityscape, ride ziplines, and much more. Whatever you do, experience a unique sense of freedom as you free run across Villedor’s buildings and rooftops in search of loot or while running away from the dangers of the night.

In a world as dangerous as this one, only the strongest survive. Whether you prefer to smash, slice or dismember those who stand in your way, you have to be creative about it to make it through. And who says you need weapons? Utilize the entirety of your parkour moveset to get the jump on your enemies. Learn the ways of combat and parkour to feel the crunch of skulls and slices of flesh as you swing weapons or use your moves to fend off any forms of danger. And let’s not forget that Villedor has weapons that put the most advanced post-apocalyptic armories to shame.

Surviving in Villedor is easier with friends. Team up with up to 3 other players and increase your chances out there. Unravel the story together, take on Pilgrim Outpost challenges, or simply wreak havoc on the city streets.

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