Community Update March 2024 – Challenging Depths

Welcome to the Show

We’re back with another Community Update to give you the rundown on everything you can expect this month. It’s a little less action-packed than we initially anticipated, but we still have a few updates to offer in this trying time.

The Start of Something New

Xbox Insiders who are on top of their Weekly Pulse Surveys may have noticed something a little different with this week’s question. For the month of March, we’re going to branch out from our traditional platform inquiries to learn a little more about our community. Specifically, we want to know what everyone’s ultimate pizza looks like.

A different facet of pizza creation (crust, toppings, sauce, etc.) will be included in each week’s Pulse Survey throughout the entire month. Once all the results have been tabulated from the surveys, we’ll use that “recipe” to create an Xbox Insider Pie for the Xbox Insider Program. The team will then give their reviews on the ‘za and see how our tastes line up with the community.

Is this an overly complicated way to throw a pizza party for the team? Or is it a test to see if the community will force us to eat a truly revolting, abomination of a pizza? To that I reply, “¿Por qué no los dos?”


Despite a small delay toward the end of February, the train is still rolling for the “Get To Know Our Team” articles. Expect the remainder of these interviews to drop sporadically during March as we wind down the 10th Anniversary Celebrations. I’m excited for everyone to keep meeting the rest of the team, and some of my favorite stories are still upcoming!

Additionally, the Release Notes’ migration to their new home is fully underway. The preparations are coming along smoothly, and the team is getting prepared for an official launch soon. In the near future, we’ll post a more detailed explainer on the changes, as well as where to access Release Notes.

Famous Last Words

Since starting these Community Update posts, a few different projects have been teased throughout. There’s been some chatter regarding the status of said projects, so we wanted to give a quick update just to say everything is still being worked on. We’re striving to provide more transparency into our processes, but that also means we might get a little ahead of ourselves sometimes. Hopefully, we’ll have more concrete plans to share soon.

That’s the Hi-Fi

Another month of Xbox Insider is now underway. It’s our first month as a newly minted “double digit” lasting enterprise and we’re more energized than ever. The journey has been great so far, but it’s just getting started!

As always, I hope everyone enjoyed this installment of the Xbox Insider Program Community Update. If you want to chat about this—and everything else XIP—hop on over to the r/XboxInsiders subreddit or throw us a follow @xboxinsider.

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