Call of Duty SBMM Completely Broken Among Other Errors

Today the Call of Duty network has been faced some severe outages and errors, to say the least. From the Minot Myer to Hawthorne error, it doesn’t seem like the system is letting up. CoD players are definitely paying the price.

One, in particular, is the issue with Modern Warfare 3’s SBMM, where the standard matchmaking has changed its tune. Since the game’s release, this mechanic has received mixed reviews, and some even believe it has worsened. However, with the latest development, it is now completely broken. Interestingly, players’ reactions may surprise you.

Despite SBMM being in disarray, CoD players are actually happy about it. In its previous state, many players (like myself) haven’t been getting proper results regarding matchmaking. Sometimes, it feels like you’re on top of the world when rounds are too easy. Other times you’ll get decimated. Thus, this has led many players to want to try the game without SBMM. This is a much more “relaxed” experience, as CharlieIntel states.

As you can see, players are seemingly happy about the broken SBMM and hope that Activision keeps it that way. Nevertheless, we still have to consider all the other factors where many can’t play the game.

These problems initially began overnight. The Call of Duty Updates Twitter/X page finally made an announcement in the early hours of Feb. 23. In a post, they disclosed that they are working on fixes for events, Battle Pass, challenges, and SR. They’ve also mentioned you may notice wonky performances with your loadout and account level.

On top of that, several players have noted that all their weapons shot down to level one. As such, they’re losing out on all their progress. So, even though things were looking up without SBMM, there are still plenty of other issues.

We’ll just have to see what’s to come for the rest of the week in Call of Duty. With the mid-season update on the horizon, it could get worse before it gets better.

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