Apple Arcade Reportedly Facing Issues

A recent report from has revealed some concerns their sources have about the future of Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade is Apple’s subscription service, offering access to a mobile game library. Based on anonymous interviews with game developers, the report identifies several issues that may affect the service’s viability.

Developers have reportedly shared their dissatisfaction with decreasing payouts, project cancellations, and a perceived change in strategy towards family-friendly games with existing intellectual properties (IPs). This alleged shift is believed to disadvantage smaller, more innovative titles and premium-style indie games, which are said to face challenges within the current framework of the service.

Adding to the concerns, developers have reported having trouble getting clear communication and strategy guidance from Apple. The report outlines instances where developers received positive feedback on projects only to have them suddenly rejected due to undisclosed changes in strategy. Additionally, how payouts are calculated, specifically the “qualifying session” metric, was described as unclear and lacking transparency.

Marketing help has become a problem for developers. A report says it’s hard to get good placement and marketing help from Apple. This lack of support can make it tough for smaller developers to do well on the platform.

While the report reveals some concerning aspects, it also highlights some potential positive developments. According to the report, some developers have shown gratitude for the impact of Apple Arcade on the feasibility of premium mobile games. It also suggests the potential for a “service reboot.” This all depends on Netflix and its trajectory into the mobile gaming subscription market.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens to Apple Arcade, but if the report is to be believed, it’s in hot water.

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